eMindanao Library is a resource that features digital materials, one of which is the annotated bibliography of over 1,000 articles, books, video clips and other documents that are available in print or found online. Its content wallows in Mindanao history, politics, economics, culture and art, conflict/ peace studies, indigenous peoples (Lumads), Moros, colonial experience, peace process, Islamic secessionist movement, and other products of research. Most materials in the bibliography are downloadable, some are for viewing only, and still others for browsing the internet. They are covered by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

Please click the link below to access the file. (Updated 12/27, 2016)

eMindanao Library

The eMindanao Annotated Bibliography is featured by Muslim Societies in Asia and the Pacific (MSAP) in its website as “an example of meticulous scholarship made available online.” MSAP is a program of UH School of Pacific and Asian Studies described as an experiment in the digital humanities that utilizes a website and social media to aggregate and curate relevant news stories, scholarly resources, and developments in the Muslim arts and humanities.” More details here…